KMS Activator for Windows 8.

So you got your copy of Windows 8 Enterprise/Professional edition and made first hand experiments on the RTM version and I presume the most daunting question for you now is how to activate it, right? Well, if you are reading this post that would be the cause I suppose. Well, the very next day Microsoft released the RTM, a Russian KMS server popped up, allowing public activations and went down just making a handful of Windows 8 machines active. Then a surge of other KMS machines came in, and almost all are down as of now. Well I too am keeping watch on this, follow the post to get updated details.

Activate Windows 8

UPDATE: Ok, so you are looking for ways to activate your copy of Windows 8 illegally, right? But what if you could get a genuine copy of Windows 8 for free? Read how!

Hmm, we are going to discuss some tricks the pirates are using for a while to activate Windows 8 machine, I personally am against it. Being a developer, I know how much pain in the back is it to just get a product on to the market, providing support is even more perilous. So I request you all to get a genuine copy of Windows if you guys/gals really are looking forward to use it. The pricing is not going to be much a burden to us ($40 for an upgrade!), I hope. But again, it is the cat and mouse play and when activating a pirated version, it still is a mind blowing experience.
Being a heavily connected OS, Windows 8 does offer only online KMS activations (no phone activation in virtual machine, but is available for those who are not on VMs). It is the legacy started from Windows Vista, where once activated there is no need to go online to keep the activation. But it seems when it comes to Windows 8, the Redmond giant is a bit jumpy, and so you going to get activated for only 180 days max and after that you need to go online again to activate it. Please correct if I am wrong. That is why you need a KMS activator machine. Please note I’m talking about the Enterprise version, in the retail, thing might be different.

The first Windows 8 KMS I found was, which did activated a few tens of Windows machines as per the report, got off the net quickly. ( Well done Microsoft 🙂 ). The post appeared in pastebin/torrent gave the full instructions to activate, which of course included keys to enterprise and professional editions.

For Win 8 Enterprise:
slmgr /skms slmgr.vbs -ato OFFLINE

For Win 8 Professional:
slmgr.vbs -ipk XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH
slmgr /skms
slmgr.vbs -ato
Since the domain name in question took down by the authorities, there appeared another KMS host, this time no domain name, just the IP,

slmgr /skms OFFLINE

Whoops, taking down an IP is bit troublesome than uprooting a domain name. Even then the IP went offline, with the much speed it came up.

After that came,

slmgr /skms, which is also OFFLINE now.

Then there appeared a surge of public KMS hosts, including but not limited to, OFFLINE OFFLINE OFFLINE

For those who are tired up of trying all these servers to see all went futile, there appeared an automated activator tool 7TKKMSA-v1.5.1—, which is available here.

The first thing to note is that, the tool is not a KMS server, it does the same command line kung-fu, we did earlier, in the GUI way. But the most promising was the ability of the tool to download KMS host address dynamically.

Aside all thse came another option, activate by phone, that sound weired. Calling Redmond and saying, “wanna activate my pirated copy, please do the needful.” Not really, you can get more details here,

Amidst all these upheavals, there appeared another option, hosting own KMS server and using it as local KMS server to activate. That was really good idea but from the reports it fell short of effectiveness soon (or it ever??).

The vhd files to host the own KMS servers in Hyper-V were available at

By the time pranks came by and posted videos of activating Windows 8, take a look at this funny video activating Windows 8, Windows_8_RTM_VL-local_KMS_activation-by_Cimrman

Again I say, these are all the failed (mostly) attempts to bypass the genuine Windows activation, if you ever succeed in activating Windows 8 by these hacktivation methods, there is all chance for the MS to detect it and make it void. Apart from that, there is also a chance to get trapped by infected activators and there by jeopardizing all your precious data. So go ahead and buy a copy of genuine Windows OS (wait until Oct 26, 2012) and enjoy the genuine activation and be secure.



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